In The Days Of The Mob

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Imagine my total disgust after waiting all these years for Kirby's In The Days Of The Mob only to get the book and see that DC totally ruined it with the absolute brain dead decision to cover the art with a God awful brownish tint!

As a result Kirby's art is muddied over and the detail in the art is covered up? Who in the world made such a bone headed decision? They ruined the book!

The never before released issue #2 looks absolutely fantastic, the way the entire book should have looked!

Someone, anyone, should demand and I do mean demand that DC fix this travesty! In The Days Of The Mob is some of Kirby's best work and deserves a better treatment than this. Don't get me wrong, the hardcover is excellent, the major bigtime problem and mistake is the brownish tint used for issue #1!

Please DC fix this problem!

If you guys here at What If have any pull with DC, please I'm even begging you, please talk with them and let them know that the brownish tint makes issue #1 look totally DULL AND BORING!

What an absolutely horrible, terrible decision, In The Days Of The Mob could have really been something special!