January 2013

Thor Pencil Photocopies, Part II

January 10, 2013

Following up to earlier this week's post, "Thor Pencil Photocopies," I've added additional photocopy Thor and Journey Into Mystery pages I've acquired. Unlike the other pages I've posted, these include larger size, twice-up art. One would think that such pages would be photocopied onto larger size paper, however these pages were provided from Marvel to Jack Kirby on small photostat paper. Unlike photocopies that are made on photocopy machines, photostats are made on large camera machines that takes a picture by exposing a large piece of photographic paper.

Thor Pencil Photocopies, Part I

January 6, 2013
Mangog Photocopies

Recently several beautiful and rare Kirby pencil photocopies turned up for auction. I was fortunate to acquired 16 of them from The Mighty Thor and The New Gods. Some of the best copies are from The Mighty Thor issues 156 and 157 featuring Mangog. These stories were originally published in September and October of 1968.