January 2012

A better Kirby punch? Part II

January 29, 2012
Frank Fosco front view

After I wrote this article and posted the versions for Cap that Pete Von Sholly provided, I received some additional insight from WiK members about what Jack Kirby might have meant buy the strange pose in Tales of Suspense page laid out by Kirby and penciled by Dick Ayers. 

First I'd like to mention that my account of Stan Lee wanting Jack to do layouts for other artists was corrected by Patrick Ford:

A better Kirby punch?

January 15, 2012
Tales of Suspense 75 detail

By the mid-60s Jack Kirby's output reached a feverous pitch. Stan Lee demanded more and more from Kirby in order to distill Kirby's powerful style as Marvel's house style. To get more out of Kirby and train Marvel's other artist, Stan Lee had Kirby do quick pencil layouts for artists such as Dick Ayers and John Romita, among others, to finish Kirby's designs with their pencils and thus, learn his style. In most cases, as Kirby laid out the page he plotted the stories leaving his notes in the margins.