November 2011

What if Kirby smashes the 900 Barrier!

November 27, 2011
The 900th Page to The Mighty Thor, Issue 137, Page 5

Today, with Thor's mighty hammer, What if Kirby has smashed the 900th page barrier. WiK now has over 900 pages in the searchable, Gallery section of the website. To highlight this milestone, the panel page to Thor 137, page 5 was chosen. The ongoing mission of WiK and the Jack Kirby's Museum's Original Art Digital Archive is to scan as many pages of Kirby art as there are still in existence. Any and all Kirby art is important to archive and preserve for us and future generations.

A Different Kind of Creation

November 14, 2011
Charlie Chan

UPDATE: This Creation was completed by Mike Royer, click to see it!

Up next for Jack Kirby creations, Charlie Chan! Yes Charlie Chan. Out of the 15 or so creations and recreations I've done with Mike Royer over the past 12 years, this is the first one from the Golden Age.