August 2011

Happy 94th Birthday Jack!

August 28, 2011
 Jack Kirby, King of Comics

[UPDATED 8.29] If Jack Kirby was still with us, today would have been his 94th birthday. Seventeen years after his passing, Jack's creations and contributions to comics is as strong as ever as event with this year's big screen movie releases of Thor and Captain America. Kirby Genesis, a new comic book series, is taking Jack's own concepts and characters in new directions by some of today's greatest comic book talents. So Kirby is everywhere and awareness of his creativity will only grow.

What if Jack Kirby was a Photoshop expert?

August 22, 2011
New God, Issue 5, Page 1, Published

Jack Kirby is best known for his powerful layouts and pencils. But Jack wasn't only about pencils, he had a facination with the fine art of collage making. Many early 60s Fantastic Four and Thor issues, amoung other titles, had his wonderful imaginative collage ensembles. In most cases, inked characters were added later in the production process. The collage was usually done separately with the penciled figures inked on a different page. Jack continued using collages in his personal, 4th World work at DC Comics in the 70s.