January 2011

More Talk

January 26, 2011
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In an effort to increase visitor discussion and interaction, comments can now be posted by Anonymous visitors to What if Kirby. Visitors can comment on Kirby art in the Gallery and Creations sections, news/blog articles and Kirby in Print books in the Learn section. "There is a lot of great Kirby art in the WiK site, my hope is that visitors will have something to say about the pieces and now that membership is not required (but encouraged), I hope they will speak up," said WiK creator, Tom Kraft.

New Feature: The Kirby Timeline

January 16, 2011

Announcing a new interactive feature on What if Kirby. The Kirby Timeline is a widget that provides a view into Jack Kirby's creative output over the many years of his career. Currently in Beta, for launch, the timeline is a sampling of Jack's DC Comics work from 1970-1976. Future plans involve adding all issues prencilled by Kirby forming a complete timeline of published and unpublished works. Issues by Kirby can be ones he pencilled completely or not completely (e.g. 70's covers) as well as issues he did layout work for.